SerDes PHY Product Page

Radius SerDes PHY solutions offer best in class performance including low power, high data rates and unprecedented reach (channel loss). These PHY IP cores provide backplane performance at short reach power. In addition to the performance benefits, the IP core is compact and requires only the native power supply voltage. Our products are easily ported to different foundries and process technologies. Please contact us for additional information.
Product #DescriptionData RateProcess Node
RS-TX65-32LRTransmit Solution2 – 32 Gb/s55 / 65nm
RS-RX65-32LRReceive Solution2 – 32 Gb/s55 / 65nm
RS-TRX65-32LRFull Transceiver2 – 32 Gb/s55 / 65nm
  • OIF-CEI 28G (all reach classes)
  • OIF-CEI 11G (all reach classes)
  • 802.3
  • JESD-204B/C (member of JEDEC)


SerDes PHY